September 17, 2019

State Yearbook Is Now Online!

2017-2019 State Yearbook

The TSSDAC State Yearbook is now online and available for downloading. It includes Texas Society Information, Bylaws, Calendar of Events, Officers, Committees, Chapters and their officers, and membership counts. This yearbook also includes a State Directory (which can be downloaded as a separate file as well). The Yearbook will be updated as needed throughout the two year term.

You can find the State Yearbook & Directory under the Publications menu, or by clicking on this link:


Texas has a State Newsletter – Again!!

Hi Texas Daughters,
Are you looking for a way to communicate with your fellow Texas members? Well, you are in luck. The Texas Society has brought back the state newsletter in order to promote communication and assist the chapters in Texas. As State Second Vice Regent, the bylaws state that my duties are to “assist in the organization of new chapters and promote membership growth in the chapters”. What better way than to provide a means of communication that is available to all members for FREE!!

The newsletter title is “The Colonial Texan”. Many of the other state societies had chosen great names that including our buzz words of “oak” and “colonist”, which did not leave us with too many choices. However, we are proud of our state and of course chose a title befitting to that fact. I hope you find this first issue to be informative. We will strive to make every issue well worth your time to read.

If your chapter has any events or things they would like to contribute to our state newsletter, please feel free to either email me or call me. You can find our information in the new State Directory that is already posted online. (The State Yearbook will also include the State Directory.)
You can find the newsletter under the Publications menu, or by clicking on this link:


In DAC Friendship,

Valerie Laskowski, State 2nd Vice Regent
Texas State Society, NSDAC

New Chapter Organizing In Austin!!!

We are happy to announce that a new chapter is organizing in Austin, Texas under the leadership of Del Randall.
Members who know of interested ladies that live in the area should put them in contact with Mrs. Randall via telephone or email. Her telephone number is 512-451-2718 and her email is del_randall@hotmail.com.

Sherrie Archer Confirmed at General Assembly!

State Regent Sherrie Archer
being confirmed at General Assembly.

It’s official!! Sherrie Archer was confirmed as the 2017-2019 Texas Society State Regent at the General Assembly of the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists this week in Alexandria, Virginia. Mrs. Archer is anxious to get back home and rally the Texas members around her State Regent’s Project: The Patriot Academy.

Not all of the State Committee Chairmen positions have been filled, so please check this website for available positions (Leadership->State Committees). If you would like to serve in one of the available committees, please contact State Regent Archer.