September 18, 2019

State Officers Club


PresidentLisa Kightlisacsa@sbcglobal.net
Vice PresidentMary Glennmwg914@aol.com
ChaplainSue Cravycravyhome@sbcglobal.net
Secretary/TreasurerValerie Laskowskisocietyval@att.net



Purpose: The objective of the club is to raise money for TSSDAC-related projects.

Composition: The State Officers’ Club is a social club comprised of all current and former state officers of the Texas State Society.

History of the Texas State Officers Club:

The Texas State Officers’ Club was founded by Mrs. George T. Spears, Sr. on October 31. 1948, during the second year of her term as State Regent. Thirty-eight charter members were named when the organizational meeting was held at the Blackstone Hotel in Fort Worth at the conclusion of the State Assembly Candlelight Supper.

During its early years the State Officers’ Club enjoyed breakfast gatherings in connection with the three meetings held annually before the State Society was divided into chapters. Books on colonial history were donated to Austin College in Sherman, and in 1954 or 1955 a scholarship fund honoring Mrs. Henry Lee Tenison, an Honorary State Regent then serving as president of the State Officers’ Club, was established to provide a yearly scholarship for an honor student at Austin College, to be awarded during the commencement exercises of the school. The Ruth McCarroll Tenison Scholarship award continues to be the principal activity of the group. It is now awarded to an outstanding student of the colonial-history class each year the course is taught.

In more recent years the Club has met during the State Assembly each year with a brunch replacing the breakfast sessions. In 1974 bylaws were written for the Club, and a yearbook was compiled and financed for the membership by Mrs. William Foster Gillespie of Dallas. Membership of the organization has grown steadily and now numbers about sixty.